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Monday, August 15, 2005

knitted doll

I've gotta say this is the cutest little knitted doll! I'm usually not into these types of things but she is adorable! Best I can tell her pattern isn't for sale but the doll itself is. Of course I've been meaning to knit those groovy Ramone dolls from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation.

Believe it or not I really have been knitting. I need to line things up to take photos. Janice asked if I was still planning to enter the fair. Well, I am, but not with the original entry. Haven't quite settled on exactly what I want to enter yet though.

Lisa asked how I find all these groovy knitting pictures. Well, a lot of it is image searching in google. I also run across a lot of photograph archives in the course of my day job. These photo archives are truly amazing! Tons of cultural images have been digitized in an effort to preserve history. The trick is to find 'em! These databases are examples of that term you've probably heard, the deep web.


Blogger LMH said...

You know, I'd completely forgotten you could search images on Google, so thanks!


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