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Saturday, December 25, 2004

orienteering headband

This hand knitted Christmas present was a hit!

Orienteering headband to keep your ears warm during cold runs in the woods.

1 skein Lion Brand Micro Spun in white
1 skein Lion Brand Micro Spun in orange
1 pair size 4 straight needles

With orange yarn cast on approximately 100 stitches (more for larger heads, less for smaller ones).

K1 P1 rib for 50 stitches.
Attach white yarn and work remaining stitches on row in K1 P1 rib.
Work as estabalished for approximately 24 rows making sure to twist the two yarns together to prevent holes.
Cast off loosely in white.
Sew seam together in back.
Get husband to model your handiwork!

orienteering headband


Blogger Max said...

Merry Christmas. I found the link!
Hope all is well!

11:41 AM  

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