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Sunday, January 02, 2005

on the needles

I was searching through my stash last night looking for two things. First, my dear one asked to see the camel yarn we'd bought in Alaska on our honeymoon. I have two skeins of this lovely stuff and I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with it. Second, I was rooting around for colors to knit up a big spider for a certain young man who will be having a birthday in February. He specified several colors in his request but I'll be darned if I could find any scraps of pink in my stash. I found a UFO that had some pink in it that I was willing to rip out and reuse the yarn from but just as I looked in the last basket I found a bit of what I needed.

I began knitting myself a pair of socks in preparation for knitting up some socks for my sweetheart. I'm practicing using these toothpicks that are trying to pass themselves off as knitting needles. Size 1 1/2 indeed! I had a devil of a time at the start of things and had to cast on three times before I could get it right. I've knit socks before but never on needles so tiny that I had to leave the overhead light on in the room so that I could see the stitches.

wildfoote sock

Finally after I got the cast on right I struggled through the first row three times. Eek! What a torture test. What I wasn't expecting was the malleableness of the sticks. These knitting needles, Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles, kept bending as I struggled to knit with them so that I was terrified I was knitting too roughly. Well, after the first couple of rows, three times knitted, I finally got some sort of rhythm going. I've finally made it up to about two inches. Wow. Well, I'd been lamenting that I was finishing projects too quickly for my wallet so I guess this project will put a hold on that.

This Wildfoote sock yarn is color SY-500 Brown Sugar and was given to me by Max quite some time ago. Thanks Max!


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