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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

baby hats

Last year I spent a lot of knitting time unchallenged with about 100 scarves. About two or three years ago I'd spent my time knitting baby hats. I made up a very simple hat pattern and used extremely cheap acrylic yarn so that the parents wouldn't be afraid to lose it or throw it into the washer. I created many color combination which was probably the only exciting thing about these little projects. It was neat pairing colors in a block pattern and using colors not usually associated with newborns. Team colors were always a winner with fathers that are sports fans. I finished off the top with a crocheted stalk in the contrasting color.

nipper models baby hat

I've given away countless hats in the last couple of years not only at baby showers and the like but to friends who had baby showers to go to. People always oo and ah over them. A couple of weeks ago I decided to count up how many hats I had left. I counted 44 hats! I couldn't believe it. I'd made many, many more than what was in the basket and yet I still had 44 hats! Amazing. I'm sure there is no way of knowing exactly how many hats I made all together.

The good news about that knitting adventure is that I'm all set with baby gifts for probably the next, oh I don't know, I'd say ten years or so.


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