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Thursday, January 20, 2005


Work has been busy as sin! I haven't had many nice, restful lunch hours to knit. The weather has finally turned back into winter as well so that I can't sit outside next to the lake refreshing my spirits with water and knitting. Instead I'm forced to stay indoors at my desk with the door shut. The good part about this plan is that I can knit and catch up on other knitting blogs. The bad news is that people know I'm in there and come and knock on the door anyway. Hum.

French market bag coming along

My French market bag is knitting up very nicely. Once you get past the bottom of the bag its just miles of the knit stitch. Jane and Max both advised me to add a few extra inches to the bag so that it won't be too shallow. Anyone else have any advice to allay my fears on this felting project?


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