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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

knitting in the news

Maclean's, January 17, 2005
"Knitting is on a roll as young hipsters across the country -- including some men -- reinvent the craft"

Teacher, 5th-graders take up a new hobby
The Post and Courier, January 20, 2005
"None of the boys balked at learning a "girlie" hobby, especially when they heard about former NFL player and avid knitter Rosey Grier. "

Festival picks up on knitting craze
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 25, 2005
"Knitting is white hot."

Never mind the needling: Knitting clicks with boys;More males taking up a "female" craft.
Star Tribune, January 23, 2005
“…a friend - another teenage boy - showed him how to make beanies. "Now he's mad at me, because I'm better at it than he is" note: you may have to register to view this one

I'm about half way done with my next felted handbag. This Lopi knits up quick! Still making slow progress on the second sock. Then I want to work on: knitted present for a friend's birthday, spider for a 6 year old's birthday, my sock pal's socks. Lots to do and more fun to have!


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