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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

wips & ice

Thank you all for your comments regarding what you keep your works in progress in. It was very interesting hearing about all the different ideas that people have come up with to store and make portable their knitting projects.


The above picture sums out how my weekend went. We had a bit of an ice storm down here and the whole city stopped and stayed inside while the sleet fell down. Yes, all activities were arrested because a little bit of freezing rain came down. Now you nice folks up in Canada can go ahead and laugh if you want to but this kind of thing doesn't happen here in the deep south very often so naturally I had to break out the camera. I stopped short of taking pictures of truly adorable stop and street signs with icicles hanging off them so at least you are spared those shots!

Bad weather has kept me from photographing my latest FOs. I finished the Lopi bag and felted it. I think it is the cutest thing that I've ever made and, of course, can not wait to make something else that is felted. I've made down to the heel on my other half's second sock. I've had to put that project mostly aside though because I've been working on two birthday presents, one of which is finished but I'm unable to share In case the receiver reads this blog (hey there!). The other is a spider. The eight legs are done. The fuzzy body is nearly complete. The head is coming out all wonky. I'll get a picture up soon so that I can discuss the details.


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